Welcome to Ainetx Private Limited, 

We are technology company and we have created most suitable and best business plan to invest you in our plan , We are discussing about Grow Up Application which is based of software , website and application selling app and its has official website, this is open market investment for our grow up application, you can be our Grow Up app Business partner by purchasing little Stock of our APP. 


Let Discuss About Our Business Plan : 

About Us : We are Private Limited Software Company Based on India, We are Providing Following services to Our Customers in General in India and also Out of India, Ainetx Private Limited has two Directors Mr. Prashant Lilhare and Mrs. Kalavati Lilhare , We are Fastest Growing Software Company who have done most of biggest projects in small time, About our services details are given below :

1. Website Development

2. App Development

3. Software Development

4. Game Development 


Our Join official Website : https://ainetx.com

Our JOIN App Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.soft.ainetx.join


Market Analysis :


We have Analysis market software and website costs are very high and developer will not give them very good support to grow their business on digital platforms , so we want to grow lower business and also biggest business using our system , where they will get website, app and software services in reasonable prices.